How to organize a road trip.

Planning a Road Trip

Planning your well deserved road-trip holiday can be very stressful, so if you have no clue from where to start, we will give you a few tips that can ease your plans.

1. Choose your destinations carefully

Once you pick the country which you would like to visit, you can check on Google maps which of the highlights you would like to see. The number of sites you can visit depending on the length of your holiday period and the distance between one site and another. For example, if you have 14 days of holidays, then most likely you can easily visit 6 locations without stressing yourself. In 14 days you could spend 2.5 days in each of the 6 locations, just to keep it simple. Like this, you should have enough time to spend at each destination. Our recommendation would be not to drive for longer than half a day between one location and another, otherwise, it might get boring and tiring.

2. Planning your road trip

Driving from one destination to the other might get a little bit too adventurous if you don’t plan ahead. On Google maps, you can choose which destinations you would like to visit, and by using the ‘Direction’ button you can enter your starting point and final destination. Google will calculate your route and driving time. If one place is 8 hours away, just book a hotel in the middle of the trip so you enjoy your driving trips while on holiday.

3. Booking your accommodation

Once you know to which locations you will drive to, you can start looking for different accommodations along the way. You can choose from hostels, apartments, camping sites, villas and also hotels. If you are staying in a 5-star resort, we recommend you book an extra 1 day stay just to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

When you book your accommodation through Airbnb, the probability is that you paid for the service cost. This service cost should only be paid by the host and not by the guest. So in order to claim a refund of such a cost that you have paid during the last 3 years, click here to claim back my Airbnb Service Cost.

4. Holiday in action

So once you book your airplane ticket, and when the time for departure arrives, we fly, for example, to Morocco and land in Marrakech and rent a car. From the airport, we drive to the hotel. Driving from Marrakech to Chefchouen is a long route, so an extra hotel is booked in the outskirts of Rabat. The next morning, we drive from there to the Blue Village. Upon arrival, we check-in before we explore the village. The next morning a drive to Fes is on the itinerary. Fes is the city of leather, so a few days are needed to explore the place. From Fes, we drive back to Marrakech through the fantastic Atlas mountains and plan a stop halfway the route, for a good night’s sleep and to explore the surrounding area. When we are back in Marrakech, a different hotel is booked to discover the other side of the town.

5. Conclusion

Choose your destination country, pick several hot spots, look for different accommodation, plan some sight-seeings, make a reservation for a rental car, and plan your driving route. We strongly recommend renting a car with GPS or else you can take your own TomTom. And last but not least, buy cheap plane tickets. is a One-Stop-Travel-Shop where you can book flights, accommodation, cars, taxis, and much more, so have a look at the website and like our Facebook page and Twitter page.

Extra bonus tip:

You might prefer to stay in one central location in Morocco and organize day trips. Let’s say your hotel is booked in the coast-line city of Casablanca, you can check with Google maps how far other sight-seeing destinations are, and how long it takes to drive to each of the selected destinations from Casablanca. You can explore several fishing villages and the capital city Rabat or El Jadida and for the more experienced driver, as it is a longer drive, you can explore Essaouira.

Try not to drive long distances as you need to plan the same trip back. So, if for example, you have 8 hours available in a day, a single trip of 2 hours will be a 4-hour drive in total. This will leave you with approximately 4 hours to explore your destination.  After your trip, allow yourself enough time to relax and get ready for the evening.

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