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Which type of accommodation suits you best?

Hotels are controlled by strict standards and are set by the Ministry of Tourism in different categories, depending on the quality and service of the accommodation. The quality of hotels varies according to their number of stars, which can range from 1 to 5. A holiday in a hotel allows you to get away from everyday tasks, since they are performed by the hotel staff. Also, sheets and towels are provided by the hotel. Breakfast could be included, while lunch and dinners are optional. With All-inclusive hotels, you find everything ready for you.
Furnished houses or apartments are on a self catering base, but one can enjoy some privacy. There is always a kitchen, bath- or shower room, toilets, a living room and one or more sleeping rooms. In some cases you can be charged for bedlinen and cleaning service. The rental conditions is case-by-case different, so our advise is to check the policies carefully before making a reservation.
Bed & Breakfast
One of the advantages is the warm welcome you receive from the owners of the property, as you will stay in their residence. This is most common for short breaks. You rent a room and in the most cases, breakfast is included. Some B&B offer an optional dinner meal, at the communal dining table and in most cases this is a traditional dish made from local products. There are luxury B&Bs that offer use of pool, Jacuzzi, tennis courts, etc.
Other types of Accommodation
HOSTELS offer cheap accommodation in shared rooms, which is perfect for a lower budget or if you like to connect with other people. LODGES allow mobile tourists, like pilgrims and hikers to take a break and enjoy a night's rest in a permanent structure. As last we have CAMPING sites. At the most sites you can bring your own tent, caravan or camper, while on other sites you can rent a tent or caravan. Most of the time there is a kids park, swimming pool, lake or the sea close by and some offer a supermarket and restaurant service.
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