Is it possible to steal an adventure for a steal?

Adventure traveling

If you are someone who concurs with the assumption that you need to get rich to travel or someone for whom the question “can I afford to travel” is more frequent than actual traveling this article is ultimately going to change the way you approach and perceive traveling. To answer the question asked in the title, YES! it is possible, and people have been doing it since before you were born.

No, you don’t have to become Jack and make a bet to hopefully win a ticket to a voyage on the ship of dreams. All you need is a few tricks up your sleeves, a bit of planning ahead of your travels and you can savor the adventures of a lifetime without burning a hole in your pocket.

The planning ahead

Along with the itinerary, there are a lot of things that need to be planned in order to save oneself from the embarrassment and trouble of running out of funds. These are things that you either do not need or can go without. It will require you to prioritize, between a lavish stay or an excellent location, between renting a luxury car or hoping in public transport, between going out for a 7-course meal at a Michelin or enjoying the local delicacies along the streets as you locomote navigating the place. You do not need to compromise; you have to understand where you can manage without the additional expense according to your preference. For example, some people would sleep in a hostel as they know they would be spending most of their time outside their room.


From looking for the cheapest flight tickets to finding out the best places to stay in a particular amount or even for free if you can find a willing host. You will have to scrutinize the destination for days before the date of travel so that you can get the best deals without spending too much. Find out the happy hours at the local bar so that you can still have a good time for almost half the cost, and if you can spare enough to splurge on a gourmet meal try to go for lunch as even fancy restaurants have reduced prices at lunch.


Just by being flexible with the timings, you can save a lot of money with last-minute deals or for example a deal that pairs you with a group of travelers who have an empty spot to be filled. Being flexible allows you to travel responsibly without breaking the bank.


Experience is the ultimate prize for traveling, whether you are traveling solo or in a group. You can negotiate almost everywhere else, be it the food, the stay, or the places you shop at. It is possible to travel on a budget so much so that there are people who take it as a challenge to make their travel as cheap as possible and document their experience so that it can be shared.