7 Top Tips For Booking Cheap Flights

Booking Budget Flights

The first thing which comes into mind while booking flights is the fare that is generally costly. Recently the flights are getting cheaper, however sometimes it’s still hard to find an appropriate flight for a reasonable price. Whether you are travelling with your family or a solo traveler, the price of your flights can make or break your trip. Here are some tips to follow, before taking your final decision on booking your flight:

  1. Flexibility with the dates matter

If you are traveling abroad, you might need to be aware that the trip will be more costly if you fly on weekends or during high seasons. Generally, it is good to have a flexible date and time. If you are planning for a trip, try to make it in the off-seasons, it will help you get cheaper flight tickets.

  1. Take budget Flights

If you are traveling to any destination, it is recommended to have a look at the prices of budget airlines like Ryanair, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and many more. If you think that flying for longer routes might cost more money, then you might be wrong. Certain flights offer cheaper rates. You can fly around the world with the most affordable flights.

  1. Look for special flight deals

You can appoint a broker, if you are not able to look for special deals yourself. A broker will help you find the lowest and cheapest prices for your flight. Keeping track of special deals is not that tough; you have to keep an eye on the flights booking criteria. You can compare various sites that provide flight booking deals, and can find the best deal that suits your needs. Such as Topflighthotel.com, which is a One-Stop-Shop where you can find well priced flights, the best values for  hotel accommodation, car rentals, taxis, but also flight claims.

  1. No need for direct flights

If you are looking for a long distance budget flight, then there is an option to break the trip in two or more smaller trips and make a stop (or more) in other countries which fall in the same route. Sometimes taking a short distance flight or traveling by changing the flights in the middle of your destination can save you a lot of money from the total price. For example, if you want to travel to London, sometimes it is better to take a flight to Amsterdam, and then go to London from the city.

  1. All search engines vary

All search engines are not the same. They may vary from time to time. Try to search through various websites and search engines that can provide you with the best deal. Another option that might work as well is to change you IP address, use incognito mode or use a VPN connection. Surprisingly enough this might give you better results in your searches.

  1. Use student discounts

Many flights provide discounts to students. If your age is below twenty-six years, then you can go for the student discounts. Some travel companies offer twenty to thirty per cent off the total price to students. This discount will help you get cheaper flights.

  1. Try to book early

The later you book, the costlier the flights will be, as securing the flights earlier will help the flights’ companies to book seats for you for more reasonable prices. Keep in mind to secure early but not too early, as there are flights whose fares get down if they have more seats remaining than expected. There is a theoretical “Tuesday” Rule saying that each Monday, airline officials return to work and evaluate the sales of seats that happened over the weekend. That week’s seat prices will depend on those evaluation results. By Tuesday, most airlines know what their competitors are charging, so they adjust their fares to make their prices more competitive. Prices slowly go back up to the peak by Friday afternoon.