Ways to get the best deal on a rental car

Rental cars

Having to go through the experience of renting a car on almost every trip or vacation, many will share their experience with regard to car-rentals, this could be a sports car, luxury car, SUV, economic car, or even a wedding car. What most of them are unable to tell you are some ways you can go about renting so that your bank account is not totaled every time you take a car off the rental company’s lot.

Peak season and early booking

These are two things that you should have in mind to make sure that you get the best deals and don’t have to settle for anything less than what you expect as a last-minute resort. Every rental company operates with a limited fleet of cars; this means that you either make a prior booking making sure that you have a reserved vehicle parked for you at the dealership. Booking early will not only ensure that you get a better deal but also a great car.

Use coupons or cashback offers to redeem some costs.

Booking online is one of the more common ways you can make sure that you make most of the opportunities that you have. Most of the time, we do not consider using cashback and other coupons to avail discounts in the excitement of planning the vacation. There are multiple platforms online where you might find considerable discounts on deals that are otherwise a bit steep.

Economy cars are economical

Typically, the cheapest and also the most in-demand are the cars that most go after, and these are the ones you should be looking for while reserving a car for yourself. Go for the smallest car that you or your group could fit in, keep in mind that you don’t go for something in which you do not fit completely. It might result in a lot of people cramming inside a vehicle, which is not suitable.

Insurance is one place where you can save a lot

You will come across the following statements “better safe than sorry” or “that’s because of the added coverage” more often than not when you finally make it to collecting your car. It is for the additional cost that you will usually end up paying when you are ready to take the car out. Soon as you sign the paperwork that says you want all the coverage for you as part of the insurance, the cost shoots up considerably, which is always way more than what is advertised. You can skip it and use your insurance and salvage an additional 20 to 30 dollars. A pro tip- your credit card and your primary insurance likely cover you when you rent a car, so you do not need to go for the additional coverage offered.

You can do without the extras

When rentals sell you additional services like RSA (roadside assistance) or GPS navigation (which you already have on your phone) they are skimming you for more money, you can forgo the extras as you rarely need them. In case you do come across such a need, think of it as an added experience to your travels.  


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