Top 10 Destinations for Budget Travelers

Japan in blossom

Many places in the world are affordable, and are open for visitors on a budget! Such holiday destinations can be found on any of the continents. If you are planning to go on holiday without breaking the bank, here are some destinations for you to choose from:


Opposite to what you might think, there are holiday destinations in the Pacific Ocean that fit your budget….places like Fiji! Fiji is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific. Believe it or not, in Fiji, you will find resort accommodations that are not very expensive. The island has world-class diving, tasty seafood, that you enjoy at cheap prices. Try it!


There is no place like Malta when it comes to hospitality. Kindness runs in the hearts of locals. Adventures and surprises will cross your path during your stay; pocket-friendly hotels and delicious seafood won’t let you down. If you are making a bucket list, do not forget to include Mdina and the Upper Barrakka in Valletta with its amazing view of the Grand Harbour. A true hotspot!


Thinking of visiting the South-Asia? Then you can go to Cambodia at significantly cheap rates. The city is much less expensive than those found in its neighboring states. This destination is rated as one of the best backpacking destinations all over the world.

South Korea

The accommodation prices are very reduced when it comes to staying for an extended period of time in South Korea. You can taste the best delicious food by spending a little penny. The nightlife is out of this world; you can have beautiful scenery without going overboard and over your budget.


You can visit the best hotspots if you are thinking to visit India. The currency conversion is very much advantageous when compared to the dollars. If you stay in five-star hotels including western meals, it will hardly cost you fifty dollars for a day. If you choose to travel among the locals while staying at cheap hotels, then it will hardly cost you thirty dollars. At the lower prices, you can visit the most amazing places.


This is one of the best places for backpacking. You can have a fantastic view of the seashores and hills if you are thinking to visit this place. You can go to the most expensive resort with the most delicious food for only a penny. The local buses and food will be the favorite highlights of your trip.  


You might want to take advantage of a drop in the Australian dollars and consider this country as the cheapest country in the world for a holiday. The beautiful beaches and coral reefs, together with delicious food and the warmth of the locals are the main attractions. You can opt for this country as your next holiday destination, to visit the Down Under!


It is one of the bargains in European countries. This destination has delicious food, beautiful beaches, historic cities, and pleasant locals. The prices get cheaper when you step out of Lisbon. You can consider Lisbon as one of the expensive parts of the destination, which is still a bargain when compared to other countries.

Eastern Europe

While you are planning to travel to the places that are very cheap to visit, Eastern Europe should be on the top of your list. It covers countries like Romania, Moldava, Ukraine, Bulgaria, which represent the most inexpensive part of the east of Europe. It is one of the calmest parts of the continent…you might also find alternatives to the expensive and popular city Paris.


This country might not be on the wish list of many travelers, although this is one of the most beautiful and clean destinations to visit. Japan is considered as one of the cheapest countries in Asia. Except for the big cities like Tokyo and Kyoto, this country will amaze you with the potential bargains.

Extra Top destination in Central America

Central America is brimming with diversity, beauty, and history. If you have the desire to roam the jungles, ancient buildings, and fantastic surfing place, then you cannot miss this part of the world. Pick your choice from the countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bonaire, Aruba, and Panama. In addition, you will discover delicious food and famous hotels for a little money.

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