The Sweet and Spicy Sides of Curaçao


For some people, it is a dream to travel and fly to the Dutch Caribbean ABC islands or just to Curaçao only. ABC stands for Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao

Though sometimes lightly sandy, Curaçao resorts often incorporate a delicate blend of classical Dutch and indigenous cultures. In particular, the island takes its lead from the most popular side of Dutch culture, processing and revitalizing the traditions of the past. Though some of the original Dutch colonialists may have left the island and incorporated their cultures into the Curaçao culture, there are still many highly individualistic cultures that have themselves compelled the participation of countless others. Perhaps the most recognizable of these traditions is the world’s original water sport, which can be found in many of the Caribbean resorts. Though water sports of all kinds have always been and remain popular in the Caribbean, the tradition of swimming while clad in a wet suit is a unique and long-term aspect of the area’s culture. In most cases, beachside resorts are better equipped than many other locations to satisfy guests’ needs for water sports. On the other hand, travelers seeking a more traditional beach vacation need only take short jumps to the nearby ocean to engage in these sports or activities.

As the area’s traffic continues to congest, Curaçao resorts are both comfortable and popular accommodations. Where ever you stay in Curaçao, you are sure to be able to locate an ideal beachfront resort with the right amenities to suit your needs, whether you are traveling alone, with your family, with a group of friends, or with your other family members. With beaches on both the Caribbean and Atlantic sides of the island, plenty of oceanfront resorts are located in areas that are always warm and inviting. Best within driving distance of both of Curaçao’s worlds famous resorts, hotels, and ports, many of these family friendly resorts are ideal for families with small children, couples, or large groups looking for a romantic getaway.

Take pleasure in the excitement of a live sea location, where you can:

Beach on Curaçao

As the region’s leader in natural beauty, Curaçao has enough natural attractions to satisfy even the most ambitious destinations. Clearly, nature lovers will want to visit the island’s three wild parks as well as the concession park in Nuweiba. In addition to the popular Wonders of Nature, visitors can also embark on unique guided jungle walks and visits to the island’s coral reefs. If you’re traveling with your family, you can enjoy the Leticia Nature Reserve and experience the powerful presence of the Jade Dragon trees, packed under dense foliage. The mountainous terrain also provides plenty of opportunities to climb a mountain and see the island’s spectacular colors. Regardless of your traveling style, you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy the island’s splendid natural beauty.

If you prefer history and culture, Curaçao presents a wide range of island heritages. Begin your island exploration in Curaçao’s capital, Willemstad, a colorful city with lovely colonial architecture and numerous colonial jewelry shops. Moving on to Negril, you will find wide variety of authentic Jamaican attire and crafts. In Negril, you can even visit the colorful homes and studios of the Golden Mile and Eastern helps, home to many of the most stunning hotels in the Caribbean. Finally, in Ocho Rios, you can rest on the beach and recharge your batteries, climbing the hills to see colonial plantations and gardens.

If your family is looking for sights other than the natural, you will not be disappointed on Curaçao. In fact, Curaçao has over twenty sightseeing spots, from historical sites to magnificent gardens. The natural beauty of the island is only part of the picture. Along with the remarkable Curaçao beauty, you can visit sites in the Dutch side of the island, including the island’s capital. Places that you can see from the Dutch side include: Arniston Island, Bloubergstrand and the Dutch Antilles folder, islanders who were the first to inhabit the island.

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