Alaska Fishing Tours – A Wide Variety of Fishing Expeditions


Alaska fishing tours are the most popular kind of vacation taken in the state. Each one provides a different kind of fish, an assortment of Alaska’s best species of wild food, rare native species, and a chance to connect with native culture. Most fishing tours include the full itinerary, which runs from the hotel pick-up to the fishing in several days later.

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Some Fishing Tours

Fishing in Alaska

Touring Alaska by boat is a popular option. Tour companies provide several tour options, including cabin passenger fishing and Alaskan Flex Pack. Passes can be purchased at the park office, which allows you to fish in the park for a period of time.

Most Fishing Tours

Most fishing tours start at the park’s visitor’s center. This is the hub for all park activities and reservations. Picnic areas are located throughout the park as well.

It is advisable to make a reservation for your accommodation as well, just to have your mind at rest.

You can find the best accommodations here below. Based on the Flights to Juneau, therefore, we picked some accommodations in the same area.

After a fun-filled day of fishing, participants get to relax at one of the volunteer host’s houses, which are bunk-bed style and climate-controlled. Homes usually have a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping area.

Travelers can fish in the park’s two fishing piers, which have depth ratings from one to nine feet. A bait or bait swimming pool is also available.

Depending on the tour you choose, you may fish in the stream, ocean, or fly in a line. Alaska blue and Pacific halibut are found in most of the waters. Arctic grayling and northern pike are some fish you may encounter. Kinzer Lake has rainbow and brown trout. Birkenhead Lake is full of rainbow bass.

If you would like to arrange a charter fishing expedition, you can do so by contacting the licensed captain of one of the many outfitters in Alaska.

You can also fish for trout in the park’s two custom-built fish hatcheries. These hatcheries have grown quite proficient in fish breeding and providing high-quality food. They’ve improved their technology and produce more consistently high-quality fish. You can now fish for salmon, and king salmon are available for pick-up on the hatcheries.

If you are angling for black bears, you may need to act fast. More than 70 percent of the black bears reported in the last 30 years have been picked up in these fish hatcheries. If you are fortunate enough to connect with a black bear, make sure you keep it on a leash, as challenging a bear to actually eating you is pretty rare. You should always pay attention to the black bears’ behavior, however, as they are strong and protective. Keeping a black bear on a leash is more of a practical option, and it is fine to have it on a pole to watch your fishing, but always be aware of your surroundings. A bear may be more than a nuisance; it may be a potential help in your fishing expedition.

Black bears of Alaska

Don’t fail to familiarize yourself with the proper etiquette and safety precautions in reconnecting with nature. Fishing in Alaskan waters can be incredible, but please act responsibly and within the boundaries of both the state and national parks.

Fishing in Alaska takes rafters, sensor-users, drillers, divers, hunters, and hikers alike into a variety of world zones and fish species. Sanctuaries or fish “hot spots” specific to Alaska that are not normally accessible by boat or vehicle are found all over the park. Some fish are highly prized and endemic, found nowhere else in the world. Just some Alaska fishing activities are listed below.

  • Alaska Redfish
  • Abalance Seasonal Trip’Lionfish
  • Alaska Grayling
  • Barramundi
  • Black Crappie
  • Ocean/Lake Trout
  • Barramundi, halibut
  • Pike, basswater
  • Iniakuk Lake/ Iniakuk Channel
  • sheefish
  • Salmon
  • Sonar Lagoon ( salmon sanctuary)

For those who fish with their own equipment or provide fishing services for others, the state of Alaska offers many fishing lodges. These lodges can provide you with a boat, fishing gear, and meals on-site. Many fishing lodges also offer guided tours of Alaskan waters. The sight of a fishing lodge gives the visitor the feeling of being somewhere truly special, yet one that is very accessible. Whether you are seeking secluded coves, a diverse species of fish, or highly professional staff, most fishing lodges can provide.


Whether you are seeking camaraderie with friends or the solitude of nature, fishing lodges can provide the metropolitan fishing action Alaska has to offer. If you prefer a warmer climate, you can always travel to South America. The choice is yours.

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