HOnur Center For Art And Design – An Inexpensive Attraction in Helsinki


Art and design are important issues in the city of Helsinki. This matters because the city chooses to invest time and resources to preserve its heritage and to encourage the most outstanding steps to be made.

Helsinki, like many other large cities, has an excellent public art collection, with outdoor sculptures and collections of work within the city limits. This is certainly an attractive thing to tourists and residents alike.

One such place is the HOnur Museum, or also called the Museum of Fortifications, which is located at 6 Vasariou Street. The museum is run by Friends of Fortifications, a non-profit organization.

It was founded in 1899, and today the museum holds the most comprehensive collection of military sculptures and equipment. Many of the items are decorated with hunting scenes from the Trek by the American artist Ernest There are other displayed with Viking symbols.

The entrance fee is 4 Euros, but it is a good idea to spend a bit more time if you are interested in seeing the full collection. It is probably the best place to begin if you are curious about the military sculptures in Helsinki.

Finnialni is the name of a well-known Helsinki Historic District, encompassing the birthplace of the Therian, the original settlers of Northern Finland. Here you will find the restored mansions and ancestral homes of a bygone era.

The buildings are quite well preserved and many of them date from the 18th century. Local people have made great strides in preserving these unique cone-shaped buildings, and you will not find gates, guards or any other type of traditional signposts. Instead, there are beautifully preserved houses, churches, shops, and cafés.

Temppeliauk – the Cathedral of the Madonna Mary

This special church is considered one of the finest examples of 18th century ecclesiastical architecture in Helsinki. It was originally built in 1808, and has had major renovations done several times over the years. The most recent additions are the stained glass windows that were done in 2004.

The church is in the process of being rebuilt and will be ready in 2007, but for now, you can visit the current building while in Helsinki. There is a small admission fee, which goes to the Memoriam of the reigning Bishop of the Cathedral.

Visiting Oadi, theinth century Cathedral

This striking church is dedicated to Bishop Eyjólfurrken and was built on the site of a Roman basilica and temple. It was confirmed in 1954.

The Cathedral is in good condition, though there are a few worn spots in the west tower. The door to the church is locked, but there is a wooden porch outside the tower. Both buildings have a rotated key.

Henri Moulin and his Practical Comedy

Henri Moulin is a famous Finnish comedian who also has a true love for music. He is famous for his barefooted prancers and comedic routines. Here in Helsinki you can see these all natural male human beings perform.

To see Moulin, visitality Finnmarkt on July 6th every year. A huge statue of him dominates the square, waving its massive branches in seemingly endless laughter.

From Batty Lamproullette’s book Finnikumaterie (Finnish Architecture, humorously described as a “long wind Odyssey”) you can see one of his most famous bundles of blackboard. It was painted in 1875 and wind is an important part of his comedy. The blackboard represents the location of the wind, the funny wind that seems to jump up out of the sea as a river goes down the inside of the tower. The comedy arises from the circumstances of wheels have landed on the other side of the tower, wind hurry, and pushed the wind up the tower, pushing some people as far back as the action of the black boarded comedian.

The Estonian National Opera

The impressive building is in the University of Finland, Tallin and was designed by the famous Finnish architect Viljo Revell. Revell was famous for earlier strange shaped buildings constructed with particular timber, which themselves were also unusual shaped items. The most famous is the Tivoli Gardens, Revells’ most famous and radiant example of his bold and playful architectural style. Inside the theatre, you will find a scaled down version of the original theater, A guns and a stage constructed as if it was in the Second World War.

Recesses, fake stalls, actors and balconies below the stage take on a second life.

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