Spending your summer holiday in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Azrieli Center

According to Topflighthotel.com, Tel Aviv is considered to be a few of the best places for individuals who fond beaches. It is a type of place which suits all sorts of travelers be it young people, families, singles, newlywed couples, and business persons. The nightlife of the town is also fantastic. Tel Aviv characterizes metro civilization along with modern and colorful feels. The city presents scenic beauty in the months of summer which makes it an ideal destination for visitors to spend their holidays.

Young Israelis enjoy a summer day at the beach in Tel Aviv.

Summers prove to be the finest time to pay a visit to Tel Aviv, a beautiful city situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast of the country Israel. The motivation behind visiting Tel Aviv in summer times is due to the amusing range of beaches get more beautiful during the days of summertime. The ideal temperature range which is 25 to 30 degrees Celsius makes it a more ideal place for activities like swimming and tanning. The weather conditions in Tel Aviv are of warm and moist type. As the city barely receives any precipitation throughout the midsummer season the months of June to August are considered to be dried up. The majority of tourist footfall in Tel Aviv happens during these calendar months. To boost tourism further, the tourism authorities organize various events for the tourist to enjoy.  Some of them are TVL Fest, Tel Aviv Pride, and the famous Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival. Tel Aviv is a developed and modern city where you can get whatever you want so you should pack light while going there.

Some of the important activities that you can do during your visit to Tel Aviv are:

The beaches

People relaxing on Herzliya Beach, Tel Aviv, Israel

You can explore a selection of beaches here one of which is Herzliya Beach as it offers the ultimate beauty and breath-taking views. If you prefer to visit a less crowded beach, then you can go to Banana Beach which is less crowded. Beaches prove to be an ideal pleasure while staying in Tel Aviv in the summertime season. Every summer the city hosts film screenings of the best films at the parks located along the beach. Last time La La Land was featured at the Film Festival. The films which are supposed to be screened at the parks are selected by conducting a common survey inside the city.

Lively Street in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel

Shopaholics Paradise

Tel Aviv is heaving for shopaholics as it has numerous malls which house major brands under one roof. These malls also serve as avoidance from the summer heat as all of them are very nicely air-conditioned.

The fulfilling nature

Ayalon river in the Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is also home to many natural springs which are enjoyed by the natives as well as the tourists. It is fascinating to see the clear water flowing through these fountains. Natural fountains in Tel Aviv prove to be a real expedition experience on their own. 


Now that you have read about this exotic location and its bounties, I am very sure that you would want to visit. Do not worry and wait, start planning right away and book your flight here, and don’t forget to use the discount code: TOP20.