Top 10 destinations to visit this summer

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If you live in a country where the Winter season is at the door, and you are making up your mind to visit countries where the summer season is currently still being enjoyed, then you can have a peak at the best top ten sites in the world. These places are considered as unique summer destinations; which you would want to visit!

1) Greenland

You might want to visit the Arctic circle, and have a trip to Greenland. Summer in Greenland is a short burst of excitement. It is one of the best destinations as the landscapes suddenly change after a long winter period. Here you will find various icebergs, whales, flowers start blooming all over the place and the amazing experience to watch the wildlife reviving after the hibernation period. If you love the summer season, Greenland is one of the best destinations to add to your wish list.

2) Cappadocia, Turkey

This city is famous for its caves that have the best Islamic inscriptions. When you visit such a city, you will get to see the ancient culture and history of Turkey. This is also a fantastic place for a romantic honeymoon.

3) Malta & Gozo

Malta is famous for its hospitality. The people are very kind and helpful. The destination is full of adventures that can take you up to 7,000 years back in time, where you can experience amazing natural sites. You will find hotel accommodation that fit your budget and delicious seafood for your enjoyment. Do not forget to add Malta and Gozo to your list!

4) Pokhara

Pokhara is a city on Phewa Lake, in central Nepal. Here you will find fantastic views of the mountains well known by most hikers and adventurers, as a base to start their long treks around the Annapurna region. In Pokhara, haggling is part of the culture; if you don’t try, you’ll never get a good bargain, don’t be shy!

5) Cape town

This town in South Africa remains pleasant in the summer seasons. You will be able to experience the best place for summer without exceeding your budget. Can imagine yourself in a cable car at the top of Table Mountain?… it would be a wonderful experience! Head to Boulders Beach for the day, and hang out with its resident colony of African penguins or spend a day at one of the most famous vine yards in the world….a must on your holiday To Do list.

6) New Zealand

This place is for nature lovers. If you love to travel to places where you want to remain surrounded by nature, then New Zealand is the best place you can ever experience. Here you can enjoy the summer weather when winter comes to Europe. A visit to the Maori tribes is mandatory to learn about their culture and history.

7) Las- Vegas

If you love to gamble, then this place is for you. You can try your luck in one of the many casinos. It is an excellent place for a holiday in the U.S full of entertainment. Here you can experience pool parties, expensive resorts and fantastic food from all cultures of the world…with an American twist.

8) Maui

Maui is the hidden gem of the Hawaii Island. It is the home of thirty beaches. Here you can experience paradise. Maui is one of the best destinations for summer holidays, as this is the time when the greenery and the views can be mostly enjoyed.

9) Barcelona

This city is home to the football club Barcelona. Barcelona is also famous for its beauty and for the Basílica de la Sagrada Família built by architect Antoni Gaudi. The Basilica has an amazing architecture that surprises you with its artistic structure. When in this city you can inhale its beautiful culture. This place is best for summer vacations, as the weather remains pleasant in Spain.

10) Whistler 

Whistler is located in Canada where you can explore many of the hiking trails found in the city. You can experience the refreshing winds, the shining gem of Canada. The attractive highlight is Gondola, and you must take a ride to this hill. ‘Alexander falls’ is also a beautiful spot not to be missed!