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London happens to be one of the most ethnically rich towns in the world. London is a prospering city that features various forms of music, fine art, and dance in a truly inspiring way. It remains a hoard of different nations, where thoughts from different parts of the planet unite. It is estimated that people of 270 nationalities live in harmony in London. Here in the counterculture go together with its exotic pop history. From Korean breakfast to Turkish Lunch and Argentinian Dinner you can have everything. You might not find a more multicultural metropolis in the world than London.

Travel for A day to London, and it will prove to you, to be a lifelong memory. Make sure you check in to your preferred hotel as soon as you land with the airplane at the majestic Heathrow Airport. London consists of various architectural marvels, but you can always start early by exploring the iconic Tower of London all along the south side which will tell you about the city’s past.

Here is how it goes

After a little coffee break, you can move to the art gallery known as Tate Modern which hosts artworks from the rebellious British artists namely Damien Hist and Tracey Emin. This place has a newly built wing which gives you a beautiful view of the town. Next is you can start at the Covent Garden where you will love the ambiance and if fortunate can watch some of the best street performers. London’s trip is incomplete without going to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace which is home to many rulers and the Empress itself. This will surely prove to be an immersive experience for you as you will find by hand in the feel of being regal. Since this is where the queen lives, you will get to see her rooms and offices and learn about how the royal family functions day to day. If you can spare some more time, then you can go to the Serpentine Lake to enjoy a traditional British Rowing experience with very beautiful and breath-taking views in the background.

Do not miss these

Also do not miss the tour of Warner Brothers Studio where the Harry Potter movie was filmed. It is a very short railway-based excursion from the center of the city and let you watch original sets, clothing used in the movie, and unique effect which had the inspiration of the people across the world.  In the sunset, you can give your taste buds by visiting Dishoom which serves exotic Mumbai-style street food.

You can spend the remaining time browsing and shopping for exotic mementos. You can discover tasty treats, eccentric homeware, exclusive jewelry, and hand-made garments. Do not forget to spot the specially made by hand fudge which you would not be able to resist yourself from munching till you get to the hotel back. Once you are done with everything conclude the day by getting hands-on the traditional chips and fish along with a beer of famous ale from the nearby Pub.

If you enjoyed what you read, you’ll definitely enjoy it when you visit yourself. So, why wait further! Looking for any excursions? Just click on the banner here below.


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