Kiliminjaro and Salkantay climbing

Climbing the Kilimanjaro

Do you like climbing, hiking or simply trekking adventures?. I assume you do, we all do, so you probably know how exciting and thrilling these adventures are. For example, climbing is one of the best ways to stay in shape and generate a positive attitude, the same goes for hiking. 

That being said, have you ever tried them at one of the world’s best climbing and hiking spots? Fortunately, I will be your guide in two different mountains, in two different areas of the world. 

Excited yet, if so let’s climb the Kilimanjaro mountain 

Climbing Kilimanjaro 

Your first destination would be to go to Tanzania, the country home of the last surviving gorillas mountain. Since we are talking about mountains, Tanzania has one of the most fascinating mountains in the world. The Kilimanjaro mountain, in there you will have a breathtaking climbing adventure. 

While there, you will have private guides and a vehicle that helps you comfortable with the tour. Again while you are there, standing on the top of the mountain, you will come to one reality, that is climbing this mountain is the adventure of your life. Speaking about standing, Kilimanjaro mountain is considered the highest free-standing mounting in the world. 

This means you will have the chance to stand on the top of the highest free-standing mountain in the world if that is not an adventure, so what is it?. The truth is climbing this mountain will not be an easy task. But, thanks to the efforts of the travel agencies, and their private guides it became less hard than it was. For you, you will experience everything that a climbing safari adventure represents. 

And hi, remember, you are in Africa, which means climbing is not a typical climb trek. You will have game drives while you go to the mountain.  On the road will get the chance to have a closer look at the big five and the amazing animal migration.

The best part is that climbing Kilimanjaro doesn’t need any special equipment or gear. Which allows you to enjoy more with the variety of its sights, animals, and landscapes. It’s not surprising that people named it everyman’s Everest, did you know that? 

Because, it is a mountain for every man and woman, its accessible, clean, full of amazing wild beasts and greenery lands, and Savannah’s

Salkantay Hiking Trek

It’s time to leave Africa and fly to North America, exactly to Peru, where an amazing climb waits for you. 

Welcome to the Salkantay trek, with a highest of 6280 m, the mountains of Salkantay are considered as one of the tallest and hardest climbs in the world. Also, what the name of Salkantay means?

By that, I mean the savage mountain, so if you are looking for an interesting hiking trek, Puro is your destination.

You can finish the trek in a period of 6 days at least, and each day you will get closer to the top of the mountain. For example, for your first day, you can start from Soray Pampa, which is considered 3800 m high. 

And from there, the adventure starts to get roughly cold and extraordinary in every aspect. While making your climbs, preferably before you start it, make sure to be ready that means food, best climbing materials clothing because the mountains air is a heavy one. 

Considering how difficult climbing these mountains could be, the climbers on Salkantay always climb in groups. That means you follow certain instructions to preserve your safety and your group members. 

The bottom line is, you will find it somehow hard, cold, and may get exhausting. But, all will be forgotten when reaching the top. The sense of pride and accomplishment will hit you like a lightning ball, and that’s what makes these climbs worth taking.


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