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Travel gear - Squeezable travel bottles

Let us begin this article by asking ourselves the following question, what is travel gear and why do you need it? Depending on your answer a few things might have already popped up in your head. For those of you who haven’t yet figured out an answer, travel gear is anything and everything that one might utilize effectively to make the most of the resources at hand while away from one domicile. The best travel gear helps one while traveling by either saving time, money, or space which are all very resourceful when traveling.

Listed below are some of the best travel gears that help you in your travels allowing you to make the most of the available resources be it your time, your money, or the space that you have for the stuff that you carry while on the move. More travel items can be found in our shop.

A document organizer

It surely is not the first thing that comes to mind but asks anybody who has any experience of traveling away from home and they will tell you of a time they thought they lost their documents because of misplacing them or not being able to find them at time of need. It helps you keep all your documentation, like your passport and cards securely and safely making it easy for you to retrieve one when you need it and put it back safely without losing any. An example of a document organizer can be found here.

Squeezable travel bottles

We all need water to drink but not everyone is willing to buy a new bottle of packaged water every time they run out of it. There are potable drinking water facilities available almost everywhere you go, the additional advantage of having this bottle is the fact that squeezable bottles have an additional functionality as they can be squeezed and be made of different capacities. This helps in saving space especially when you have little or no water to carry around.

Power bank

Not only do they help you maintain connectivity with beings of your kind, they sometimes double as a torchlight or a siren depending upon the one you have bought. Power banks can also be used to power LED bulbs that can be connected through a USB port, pretty handy for those camping trips.

Money belt

When you travel you do not always carry with you your luggage everywhere you go, but you also need to carry with you; important things that you might need like an ID or money or any other valuable that you cannot leave behind at the hotel. A money belt comes in handy at times like these as it securely attached your body hidden away from plain sight. It is primarily used to carry money in a concealed manner but can also be used for the safekeeping of other items such as the ones mentioned.


The application of a padlock hardly needs any explaining as it can be used for security purposes wherever you deem fit or feel the need to. One place where it can be used is hotel cupboards if you feel the need for additional safety.

Other Travel gadgets are:

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