Travel through Europe on a budget.

Travel through Europe on a budget

Budget travel is the dream for most people, who wouldn’t want to travel around the world with Top Flight Hotel and without burning through a pile of their cash. I mean, if we could wouldn’t we all be going on a trip abroad every other weekend? There are many ways of saving on a trip, while some may choose the luxury of a 5-star hotel over being able to enjoy the social aspects of a hostel there are many who would rather eat street food than dining at expensive restaurants. It all comes down to your preference and there is nothing wrong with whatever you decide for yourself.

Nevertheless, here are some tips that will allow you to travel through Europe on a budget.


There is a reason why is the first choice for most traveling through Europe, apart from offering you great value the comfort and privacy are unmatched. This is especially a better choice if your travel is for more than a week because it is difficult to parallel the value it can offer you inexpensive cities like London and Paris. You can even get a variety of discounts and offers on your stay if you Book your hotel before April 10th 2021 and enter this discount code: AFFHCOM1Q21 . Consider staying in the outskirts of the city or even a little further away and commuting in to save money that you pay for your accommodation.


One of the things that can potentially eat through your budget is the travel expense after you have reached your destination. Apps like AviaSales come to the rescue by giving you the best possible deals on flights. For local travel, you can get day passes that allow you to use the extensive public transportation in the different cities of Europe. You will be surprised to see the difference, for instance, a two-hour ticket in Berlin would cost you approximately 3 Euros while a day pass will cost you just 7.


The cheapest way to feed yourself is going to the supermarket, getting your “mise en place” ready, and bringing out your culinary skills to prepare scrumptious meals. Even if you don’t know how to cook much, you can always cook up some pasta. Feeding yourself this way will see you save anywhere from 50 to 100 euros per month, that’s the minimum you can save while the upper end depends on where you usually dine. Food is a major concern while choosing the accommodation, choose places that serve free breakfast, this way you will not have to worry about getting up to cook in the morning.


Your itinerary decides the total expense that you will have to incur by the end of the trip, keep in mind while planning your vacation that not all European countries are expensive, there are countries like Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania that will see your budget last for a long while as compared to countries like the Netherlands, Iceland, Norway or Denmark.

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