Travel tribulations

Just because something happens doesn't mean that it's the be-all and end-all of things. A few weeks ago I had a vacation. I'd been wanting to take a trip for years, and finally, it was my turn. I'd been trying to muster up the courage to ask my husband, Dave, for permission to go on a trip with my friends Marissa andole. But I've always had concerns about traveling alone, safety, what if I'm found out and what if I hurt myself, eat something poisonous, get into an accident or get run over by a tour bus? I'd read about…

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See Business Passport Photos of You on the Go

When you travel on business, you need to have your own passport. However, since the invention of the passport card, business travelers have had the luxury of carrying their passport in their wallet and adding it to their laptop bag or briefcase. Now, it is possible to buy a business passport photo just for your home. The passport photo should be business-oriented and accomplish two main things: first, it looks good on the back of your photo ID card; second, it helps Immigration and Naturalization in any country you visit. You can buy these photos in a kit or individually.…

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Don’t forget the following items while going on holiday

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Everyone forgot something while traveling abroad and discovered this too late. It could be the toothbrush of your slippers or something else that you can buy along the way. But what about the things that you cannot buy or replace? Let’s discover them with Passport or ID card One of the most important items that you should never forget is your passport or ID card. These documents allow you to travel outside your country. Check the validity of these documents at least a few months before departure and it is always good to put a calendar note for the…

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Why Would I Need Travel Insurance?

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Travel insurance is one of the most important things that you need to have for your international trip and it is something that you should consider very seriously. We will give you here some valid reasons why you need to get travel insurance for your next holiday. Health treatment and evacuation cover When staying abroad, it can get complicated if you need medical treatment. However, it is good to know, that IF something unexpected happens, and you need medical support, your insurance company will have you covered and will know exactly how to deal with such situations on your behalf.…

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