Saint Martin or Saint Maarten

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  • Post Category:Blog is a One-Stop-Travel-Shop and in this article, we will take you to an island in the middle of the Caribbean. This island is split into two, Saint Martin, the french part on one side, and Saint Maarten, the Dutch part on the other side. St Maarten, being the Dutch side of the island, is known for its lively nightlife scene, cheap alcohol, casinos, and tax-free shopping. It’s definitely the party side of the island but it also has lovely beaches, great for water sports and a wider range of hotels than on the French side. Saint Martin, the French…

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Don’t forget the following items while going on holiday

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Everyone forgot something while traveling abroad and discovered this too late. It could be the toothbrush of your slippers or something else that you can buy along the way. But what about the things that you cannot buy or replace? Let’s discover them with Passport or ID card One of the most important items that you should never forget is your passport or ID card. These documents allow you to travel outside your country. Check the validity of these documents at least a few months before departure and it is always good to put a calendar note for the…

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