Sydney New Year’s Celebrations

Sydney New Year's Celebrations 1

Sydney New Year’s Celebrations are being held across the globe to signify the arrival of the New Year in the Western Australian capital. The celebrations range from breathtaking fireworks to midnight flights, and are often marked with street parties, including the placing of pin ups and the dancing of Opt-a-Motions. Please feel free to check the flight prices with Qatar Airways.

If you’re one of those people who love those things known as free and a little boisterous… Why not arrive at Homebush by train, not a plane? Departing at 13:15, you’ll be quick converted to the celebrations underway and be in the mood to party on the way! To help you organise your Homebush stag weekend, use of the accommodation friendly event provider Homebush Adventures, who will present a guide for the Homebush Accommodation Championships to be held over the weekend.

It’ll be a huge cheer of joy to know that you’re definitely going to have a good time in Homebush.

The Homebush Raceway at Spectacle Beach is one of the most popular in Australia and towards the end of the weekend, the top five drivers in the Super 2000 (Lap Car) will be competing in a gruelling race, including a 16 lap event for the overall win. Spectacle Beach is by far the most popular event in Homebush and will draw crowds from all over the local six flags.

After the major ground lodges of Homebush, it’s definitely the outdoor events at Tyn Strean that are the highlight of the weekend. More than anything, it’s the Canine beauty contest at Tyn Strean that draws the interest of dog lovers. Hear of the cute, cute Canines and the pride of Barking Badgers. You can also greet the King and queen of the cute outdoor strut of owned by Ruben Rhodes and his family.

But there is acallinous display of Budweiser at the Winehouse that really sets the tone andrhythms of the weekend. You’ll have ahotel at Arthouse in Leeton on the night, so you’ll definitely enjoy acheap on the weekend and a chance to see firsthand the passion of winemakers in on the winery slopes.

Garden of Wilderness festival in Lyndoch can also mark the end of the weekend festivities. This is the largest of its kind in NSW and attracts visitors from far and wide. You will be able toventure through the unsurpassed countryside in the company of the lifeguards, spectacular landscapes and the beauty of the Wilderness. It is also a great opportunity to sample locally produced foods, wines and liquors and crown a fantastic example of Aboriginal culture in the Land of the Gods.

Sydney New Year’s fireworks Celebrations

To crown the weekend in style, you will be able to take part in the Grande Faceup on Tuesday evening. The event starts with a fireworks display on the beach and continues until the wee hours of Wednesday morning. You will also be able to experience the best of NSW with a combination of theatre, dance and music in the area.

A Zoo odyssey is also on the cards in 2009. The 30 minute ride will begin fromleigh or Manly and take you to the La Zoo, one of the finest in New South Wales. It will be built over Packer Terrace and will feature over 1500 animals in its 32 hectare tropical and subtropical garden. It will also have over 30 interactive exhibits and be renowned as the Sydney wildlife park that it is.

Sydney wildlife park

World Class Museums

Sydney is home to the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Australian Reptile Centre. Both of these will be constantly making sure that Sydney is one of the countries top tourist destinations. Along with the Yage vault and the conversations with snakes exhibit you will also find the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. This will be a must see for all invertebrates fans as it features the worlds first ever display of adaptive habitat. It really is an unmissable attraction.

The Yunnan Nationalities Village, located at Wilson, is also a must see. This is a great place to acquire information on the lives of the Yunnanese people before you embark on your trip to Australia. Enjoy the cultural re-enactment of the flight over the Chinese spouse village, shop in the handicraft shops and take a look at the sheep and goats back in the village.

There are of course many other great things to see sights during your trip to Australia. Allow yourself plenty of time to see everything that you want. There is so much to see and do it’s simply a case of “here little girl, nowhere little boy” and “here old chap, here old woman.” Get out and explore and take in the beautiful sights and experiences of Australia. You can buy a lot of entrée tickets upfront, just to avoid the queue

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