Flight Delay Compensation

Flight Delay Compensation

Is your flight delayed? Can I receive a compensation?

While rushing to the airport, waiting in the queue for the security checks, you hear through the airport speakers, that your flight is delayed for a few hours. This can always happen for different reasons. And yes, this means that you will be later at your holiday destination. Thank God there is the option to think about a flight delay compensation. This compensation will not help you fly back in time, but it will surely help you spend the time waiting at the airport and compensate for the time that you are less at your holiday location. The fun part is, you can fill in the box at the bottom of this page to see if you could be entitled to this flight delay compensation while still waiting at the airport.

Compensair is a service that helps get up to €600 in compensation for disrupted flights (delays, cancellations, or overbooking). Compensair operates under EU and Turkish legislation.

What will be the process?

It takes less than two minutes to check a flight, calculates your potential compensation, and submit the application. Compensair takes care of all the paperwork. Compensair will prepare all the necessary documents, submit the claim with the airline, and take care of any further communication with the airline to settle a case. Compensair will only charge a success fee of 25% if the airline pays the client. No up-front payments are required.

Compansair will contact you by email or phone, to update you on the matter. Once an outcome is made, you will get paid 75% of the claim and 25% will be held by Compensair for the work they did for you. The advantage is, it is on a No-Cure-No-Pay base, so you don’t need to fork out 1 cent. Isn’t this fantastic?

Does it work for everyone?

Just fill in the details here below, and you will find out within a few seconds.